Toddlers & Kidney Stone

There are several reasons that contribute in  pediatric stone disease, and the medical treatment is done under the endourologic management. Proper diet and medication can completely treat the pediatric stone patient

There are a lot of pediatric patients that have metabolic abnormalities as well. In the initial phases of the pediatric stone disease, it is very common to see 24-hour urine values for creatinine, sodium, calcium, oxalate, uric acid, and even citrate. The 24 hour urine collection lmits its accuracy in the pediatric population, which makes it very cumbersome. Because of the random urine spot sampling, ratios are used, i.e Urine calcium to urine creatinine ratios(Uca : Ucr). They are used with sensitivities  and specificities up to 90% and 84% respectively, and evaluates hypercalciuria, which is a known risk factor for urolithiasis.

It is usually advised to measure the intake of urinary supersaturation products, i.e. calcium oxalate, urate, as it helps in identifying the chances of stone formation risks in children. The initial treatment includes conservative management of pediatric nephrolithiasis, provided there is no infection, fever, nausea, anorexia etc. If any such symptoms is seen in the child, then immediate  endourologic  intervention is needed. When the stone diseases is being managed in the pediatric population, one should keep in mind that the stones with less than 3mm are more likely to spontaneously pass. However, the stones greater than or more than 4mm in the distal ureter require endourologic treatment for the same.

In order to facilitate distal stone passage, with the help of  medical expulsive therapy, use of antagonists, calcium channel blockers, and steroids  is usually proved to be very effective. Unfortunately, we have also seen a lack of published data capturing the pediatric population which state what method will be better, using these agents or pain medication.

The radiographic assessment of the child with calculus disease should be accurate, safe and economical at the same time. The main aim is to determine the location, size, density and urinary tract anatomy of the stone. The unenhanced helical Computed Tomography (CT) is the most accurate and efficient choice in initial imaging. When it comes to assessment of  urolithiasis, ultrasonography  is more limited as compared with CT, but it also has this distinct advantage of no associated ionizing radiation, which gives it an upper hand. Therefore ultrasonography should be considered as a screening tool in case of workup for non emergent abdominal or flank pain. Since the children are always at a risk of recurrence of urolithiasis, the radiation exposure should also be limited, particularly the gonadal exposure.


How to manage chronic pain easily & effectively

Physicians who are expert in curing chronic pain have concluded that it’s not just a sensation but rather something more serious. It is influenced by the ways through which our brain processes the pain signals. It is important to know that such severe pain has the potential to provoke emotional reactions such as terror and fear. Talking about other cases such as any engaging activity like sports, chronic pain is perceived as merely an irritation, a feeling that has to be overcome to smoothly continue the daily activities. The vital role of mind in such pain is recognized by the experts of chronic pain management North Carolina.

It is interesting to know that our brain has the potential to learn the ways as how to manage the pain. To cope up the pain through mind, there are certain strategies that can be implemented either alone or in combination with some particular management therapies. If No matter which type of pain and discomfort you are going through, there are a number of treatments available to help you feel better and recover fast.

How to manage chronic pain?

Though there are a number of ways to deal with the pain; however, the first step is going through medical evaluation through certain tests. This helps in determining the cause of the problem clearly. There are some conditions such as a herniated disc in the spine; the first step is giving attention to the type and level of pain. This is because such matters can become serious us not taken seriously.

Thanks to technology, a number of advanced treatment options are available these days. For patients suffering from sciatica, some of the very effective treatment options are offered by sciatica treatment Raleigh. Coming back to chronic pain, there are many strategies to cope with the discomfort and feel better. Some of the most effective techniques include:

  1. Relaxation training
  2. Biofeedback
  3. Visual imagery and distraction
  4. Hypnosis

There are many reasons behind such pains. Sometimes it is caused due to lifting or movement of heavy objects; whereas, sometimes it is due to some injuries. However, it is important to know that changing lifestyle and hectic schedule are also the possible factors. If you are facing any sort of pain, it is good to get it examined at the earliest possible. Don’t delay the matter, as it may lead to serious consequences in the future. With the advanced therapies and treatments available, it is possible to get relief from every type of pain no matter how intense it is.

Find Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor in Boston

Drug and alcohol addiction is a common problem among individuals; it takes them no time to become a slave of their physical craving due to effect of these drugs. Regular intake of drugs and alcohol kills the ability to think and act actively. You gradually lose your control over your body and mind and become totally inactive to perform in your life. This is not something you do intentionally; it is the power of drugs that makes your life hell in slow pace. A drug addict does not only ruin his life but he ruins the lives of his family and relatives. None intends to become a drug or alcohol addict but it is the situations that make an individual to produce a habit of taking drugs.

When we feel low or face failure in different walks of life, we look for temporary solutions to divert our mind from the actual problems. And we find such solutions in addictive drugs and start taking them. But unknowing we become an addict of these lethal habits. And soon arrives a time when we cannot live without taking these drugs and harmful substances. At first, they seem to solve all our problems but soon after they start creating a lot of physical and mental problems and convert a healthy life into a hell. After you become addict, it is very hard to get rid of these habits alone without any external help or interventions.

Drug and alcohol abuse counselors in Boston are professionals, who treat addicts with the help of general counselling. These counselors use ethical to treat the drug addict victims. Drug intervention programs are conducted to help such individuals to fight their inner selves to defeat these addictions. They try to cure the addiction from its root by using cognitive approaches. They provide mental support to bring back the lost confidence of the addicted individuals. Drug abuse counselors are expert in dealing with psychological problems such as hopelessness, worthlessness, disappointment, inferiority complex, isolation and so on. They provide effective solutions, so rather wasting your time on other methods; you should reach out to drug intervention programs in Boston to seek help of drug abuse counselors.The best alcohol intervention programs in New York employ dynamic methods and philosophies that will motivate the addict to leave the addiction behind and empower themselves for a better future. So don’t ignore the warning signs of addiction.

If you or any of your relatives or friends have same problem, you must contact a drug abuse counselors to support and help them win their battle.

4 Tips to Choose a Good Gynecologist

Every woman needs a gynecologist at some point of time. Most of the women believe that they need to visit the gynecologist when they are pregnant or want to get pregnant. Whether you are going through irregular or heavy periods or menopause, you can always visit your gynecologist. OB/GYN is a doctor who basically focuses on women’s reproductive health. The obstetricians take care of women during the pregnancy period.They also deliver babies and trained to deal with some important issues such as includes childbirth, birth control, and menopause

Gynecologists are doctors who can easily treat medical conditions and disease that mostly affect the woman and their reproductive organs.  They are also trained in the obstetrics to perform minor surgeries on women’s reproductive organs and take good care of women during pregnancy.

It is very important to choose a right gynecologist. Read this article to know few tips to select the right gynecologist.


Always choose a gynecologist who is board certified in gynecology. The certified doctor takes all the necessary tests that confirm their capability to practice in gynecology.

Good background

Select a gynecologist who does not have any complaints lodged against him or her. Do not choose a doctor who has malpractice lawsuits filed against him or her.


It is very crucial to pick a gynecologist whose clinic is near to home. Go to a gynecologist who has responds to your initial phone call readily. If you are facing difficulty in scheduling your first appointment, then that might be a sign that you may face trouble in scheduling your next appointment. So choose a gynecologist who is easily accessible.

Proper Research

When you get pregnant, then the first thing that comes into your mind is to pick the right gynecologist for the safe and healthy delivery. It is better to ask your family members, friends and colleagues for good referrals.  Do a research on a reliable website and also refine your research by including your preferences to have a proper idea of the educational qualifications and specialization of the gynecologists.The annual visit basically promotes the general well-being and also the comfort of your reproductive health. So always take some time to make an appointment with your OB/GYN.