A Viable Treatments for Opiate Addiction

People addicted to opiates usually need professional help to overcome their addition. Opiate addiction is difficult to overcome, but it is possible. The methadone clinics in St George Utah offer solutions. A methadone clinic provides in-patient care for opiate addiction. A methadone clinic “is a clinic which has been established for the dispensing of methadone (Dolophine), a schedule II opioid analgesic, to those who abuse heroin and other opioids. The focus of these clinics is the elimination or reduction of opioid usage by putting the patient on methadone.” Methadone for opiate addiction has been proven to an effective way to deal with opioid addiction, as it eases opiate withdrawal for 24 to 36 hours and also decreases the chance of a relapse. Methadone clinics in St George Utah retains highly trained addiction specialists who will be able to help the person every step along the way. Methadone for opiate addiction is used because it works on the brain or spinal cord to block the effects of opiates. Methadone clinics in St George Utah use methadone for opiate addiction and administer it in measured quantities and under a highly supervised environment.

The person does not necessarily have to be admitted to a methadone clinic; outpatient opioid treatment is also an option. Outpatient opioid treatment can be a viable option especially if the addict is seeking help early on in the process and the dependency on the drug is not too high. It may be managed with outpatient opioid treatment.

Outpatient opioid treatment uses buprenorphine as a way to taper off the drug dependence. At methadone clinics in St George Utah, we understand that it is a great accomplishment to seek help and along with medical assistance, we also provide the addict with moral support and counseling. Even during an outpatient opioid treatment, we consider the addiction a disease and tackle it as any other medical issue.

Buprenorphine tapering program St George is ideal when the person exhibits mild to moderate dependence. Buprenorphine tapering program St George, detoxifies the opiate from the system and it usually takes up to 7 to 10 days for the process to complete.

Buprenorphine tapering program St George is also handled by a doctor who has received 8-hour training in this field. Buprenorphine tapering program St George is used for the purpose that gradually withdrawing. It reduces tolerance and distributes withdrawal symptoms over a longer period of time instead of just stopping cold turkey. The number one rule in buprenorphine tapering program St George is to make sure that it is in accordance with the ability of the body to adapt to each decrease. If you or your loved one needs help, do not hesitate and do so before it’s too late.